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Trust & Safety

by Team errands.ng

In our endeavour to earn your trust and keep you safe, we have built a wide range of features with the aim of setting your mind at ease.

Secured payment gateway

Pay securely with a VISA or MasterCard (credit/debit) prior to commencement of task. This allows the Tasker to start working on your errand knowing their funds are secured for the errand. Funds are released to the Tasker once both parties are satisfied that the errand has been successfully completed.

Verified Taskers

Taskers are requested their government-issued IDs and social media handles as standard safety precaution before commencement of errand.


errands.ng® platform has the following verification methods:

  1. Video call:

This verification method is conducted via WhatsApp. errands.ng uses this method to ascertain that a Tasker is 100% human. Taskers undergo series of security questions.

  1. Photography ID:

Taskers are expected to take a picture while holding the original copy of their I.D to prove that it is 100% genuine and actually belong to them.

  1. Mobile Number:
  2. Mobile Phone number is one of the most important required information. This allows errands.ng to call the Tasker when a need arises.
  3. Email address:

Email address of both User and Tasker should be working and used regularly.

  1. Social media:

Tasker social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc are requested from Taskers.

  1. Driver’s license:

This is applicable to all drivers who wishes to run errands on errands.ng. You are allowed to ask whether they have a driver’s license or not. This is a precaustion taken to ensure all drivers are licensed to drive from point A to B.


Safety Tips (User & Tasker)

When completing an errand on errands.ng, here are a few tips you can follow to make you get the most out of the platform

  1. It’s important for safety purpose not to disclose your personal info like your full name, address when you post an errand.
  2. Once you’ve chosen a Tasker to complete your errand, you may need to share more information or discuss privately. However, you should try to communicate through WhatsApp instant chat – that way, if anything needs to be sorted in the interest of trust and safety or where there is a conflict resolution.
  3. Ask for more profile pictures if you want to check the authenticity of a Tasker you’re about to work with.
  4. Don’t be reluctant to ask your Tasker to show his driver’s license or other form of ID before commencing the errand.
  5. Try to be as specific as possible when you communicate with Taskers about your errand. This helps to make sure both parties are always on the same page. Don’t be afraid to ask the Tasker if they have the capacity to do your errand.
  6. Don’t request for Tasker’s payment until the job is completed and you are satisfied. If you are ever in a situation where you are not satisfied with the job, try to work with the Tasker to sort it out first, but if you need to take further action, you can always contact us. Check conflict resolution page.
  7. Keep all chats and conversations for reference purpose.

24hr customer support

Our local Customer Support Team, are available 24/7 and are ready to make sure your errand is completed and you’re satisfied every time.