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by Team errands.ng

1. What is errands.ng?
errands.ng® is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace to get things done quickly. Anyone can post a task, set time frame and the proposed amount he/she is willing to pay someone to get a job done. Taskers will start to place biddings/offers to run the errand. A tasker may agree to the client’s proposed price or choose to offer a new amount then the client will compare all offers and select one tasker to do the job.

2. What type of tasks can I get done with errands.ng?
Administration, bookings, car hire, diaspora affairs, education, events, general services, handy services, ICT, properties, purchasing and supply, personal assistance and transportation.

3. Is errands.ng service available in my location?
Yes. We have presence in Nigeria’s 36 states and FCT.

4. How do I post an errand?
Simple. Click “Post an Errand” and fill out the form.

5. I posted my errand, what’s next?
Our staff member will contact you to further discuss your needs prior to sending you a payment invoice.

6. What are the payment methods on errands.ng?
Payments are made into an Vesicash escrow account. This fund will not be released until the errand or task is completed

7. How do the Tasker get paid?
errands.ng will charge 25% commission on all errands completed. We will release 75% pay into the tasker’s bank account.

8. How do I cancel an errand?
If you’re unable to get a tasker within your stipulated timeline, you may extend the duration or cancel the errand. We’ll refund your money after deducting N100 admin charge.

9. How can I contact errands.ng?
if you need more assistance about a specific enquiry, send a mail to support@errands.ng or call 234 812 222 2348