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Dispute Resolution

by Team errands.ng

This Dispute Resolution Service is offered by Errands.ng® to
 users who in the course of their engagement with other users wish to contest, complain or raise an objection against other parties for the purpose of acceptable resolution among the parties involved.

In any circumstances, we strongly encourage users to resolve issues or disputes between themselves rather than use this service. It is provided only as a last resort in any case the parties are unable to reach an agreement. We require evidence from any user filing a dispute that will show they have communicated to the erring parties before seeking for arbitration. errands.ng® will be an arbitrator for the conflicting parties. It is very important that before seeking for arbitration, both parties are informed that all resolutions by errands.ng are final, binding, and irreversible. There are no provisions for reconsideration once a resolution is made.

  1. To initiate a dispute resolution, after other options have been considered, the party(s) seeking arbitration will send email to support@errands.ng. When sending the mail, ensure you explain in details the nature of the dispute and the resolution(s) you seek.
  2. Attach all relevant evidences to back up your argument. Screenshot of your timeline (conversation on WhatsApp), pictorial evidence or any other form of evidence(s) available which could aid the resolution. For proof of external correspondence, users should provide screenshots of their entire unedited conversation.

Remember that for you to have the dispute team arbitrate your dispute, you agree to allow us to read all correspondence sent to our support, all uploaded files, programs, and websites related to the dispute for the sole purpose of having your dispute resolved. You are highly encouraged to submit all the documents that would support your claims on your dispute. Submit e-mail correspondences as screenshots and ensure that the “To”, “From”, and the “Date” bar is visible. E-mail correspondences sent in “text”, “doc”, or any word processing software will not be accepted as evidence.

  1. After the acknowledgement of the complaint, errands.ng will contact the alleged erring party(s) either by a call, email or any other means based on our discretion.
  2. We always give a minimum of 48 hours to the alleged erring party(s) to respond to the allegation(s) made against them.
  3. At the expiration of the period of 48 hours, if there is no response from the alleged erring party(s), errands.ng reserves the right to honour the request of the party seeking for dispute resolution.
  4. In any case where the alleged erring party(s) decide to respond to the allegation made, and equally seek for a resolution, then, the arbitration starts. The alleged erring party will be asked to present his/her case with evidence(s) within the stipulated time frame.
  5. Arbitration period may take up to 15 days or more from the day the dispute resolution is filed. At this stage, we reserve the right to use our discretion to make final verdict on the issue.
  6. If either of the parties is not satisfied with the decision of the Arbitrator (errands.ng), and require the input of professionals which in any case may happen when the issue raised require technical-know-how and thorough investigation by a professional, then, the party who is not satisfied with the arbitrator’s decision shall be responsible for the professional’s service charge. Note that, it is only the arbitrator (errand.ng) that have the right to engage any professional(s) in this case, as may be required by the party who is not satisfied by the arbitrator’s decision.
  7. It is of important to note that errands.ng reserve the right to discreetly use any other means not stated herein for the purpose of resolving disputes among our respected users.