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by Team errands.ng

errands.ng® is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace to get things done quickly. Anyone can post a task, set time frame and the proposed amount he/she is willing to pay someone to get a job done.

Taskers will start to place biddings/offers to run the errand. A tasker may agree to the client’s proposed price or choose to offer a new amount then the client will compare all offers and select one tasker to do the job.

Upon awarding the task to someone, the client will have to make full payment into an escrow account before completing awarding process. This fund will not be released to tasker until the job is completed.

It is totally FREE of charge to post an errand. All you have to do is post your errand, start receiving offers from people, award the task to someone and make agreed payment.

errands.ng will charge 25% commission on all errands completed. We will release 75% pay into the tasker’s bank account.

Businesses can use our community to expand its territory and market. Our platform is strategically designed to accommodate and brilliantly work for businesses to advertise its brands and hire people for short term services.

errands.ng® is a service owned and operated by Coural Logistics Limited – A Nigerian company providing parcel delivery and pick-up service to rural addresses, nationwide.